Funding Strategy

CarEth believes in making grants to organizations without stipulations. Our grants are usually used by the organizations as they see fit.

Socially Responsible Investing

Our funds are invested in Socially Responsible funds. CarEth is committed to ethical investing and shareholder engagement that seeks to consider both financial return and social impact.

Divest Pledge

We are proud to have signed on to the Divest Invest Philanthropy Pledge:

We are foundations divesting from fossil fuels and switching to clean energy investments, joining college, health, pension funds and religious endowments doing the same. Ethically, our investments shouldn’t contribute to dangerous climate change. Financially, fossil fuel stocks are over-valued as most of their reserves cannot be burned. We can get good, safe returns while helping to build a new energy system. In the next five years, we will:

1) Stop any new investments in the top 200 fossil fuel companies.*
2) Drop coal, oil and gas from our investment portfolio by divesting from the top 200 fossil fuel companies.
3) Invest at least 5 percent of our portfolio into climate solutions defined as renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean technology and clean energy access.